About Us

The Aldinga Arts EcoVillage is located at 173 Port Road, Aldinga, 40km south of Adelaide, South Australia.

Situated on approximately 40 acres, half of the land is dedicated to housing/common land and half to our farm.

The Aldinga Arts EcoVillage is a Community Corporation registered under the Community Titles Act of South Australia.

Community Corporation 21109 Inc.
ABN: 99 110 776 576

We have Village By-laws based around the principles of permaculture, with a focus on arts and the environment.

Management: We collectively own and manage our common land areas, including our shared orchards and farm, and services such as streetlighting, roads, green waste composting and a wastewater treatment plant. Our landscape is both edible, we have more than 1000 fruit and nut trees, and native. We pay levies, in addition to council rates, and this money is used to improve our EcoVillage and pay for some necessary support and maintenance services.

The major service provided to us by Onkaparinga City Council is to pick up our rubbish and recycling bins from a central location as well as providing a central hard waste collection twice a year. We have access to mains water but we all collect and use our own rainwater.

The EcoVillage began as a concept in the minds of artists Barbara Powell and Vivienne Newcombe, architect John Maitland and Permaculturist Steven Poole.

Now more than 25 years later we have over 320 adults and 80 children living here.

We rely on community involvement for much of the development and maintenance of our social and physical infrastructure.  Without this we wouldn’t exist.


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