Tube stock to plant this Sunday at 3pm. Recycle Bay.

we’ve just had 85 tube stock plants delivered by indigiflora to be planted on mounds around Orchard Walk and the recycle bay. We’re needing some help from anyone who has some spare time and energy for any length of time between 3pm and 4:30 on Sunday, 6th May. Meet at the Orchard Walk carpark.

we’ll soon see the trucks and trades leaving this part of the Village now that the construction activity of the past eighteen months is coming to a close. The last two new residents of Orchard Walk will move in over the weekend. Living Not Beige wanted to ensure that we developed more than eleven new homes, we’ve also invested significant effort into community, sustainability and landscape. There are two new orchards on common space, lots more fruit, nut and shade trees, plus paths through the development to link Seaberry Walk.  A community space and sandpit have been created too.  But our efforts are just to get the ball rolling and the Village now has some enthusiastic new residents, plus common space which is all set for further landscaping, playscaping and community-making.

please feel welcome to take a closer look at this redeveloped part of the Village common space.  A street party is proposed once people are more settled, and in the meantime perhaps we’ll see you on Sunday arfternoon?

Tricia and Rick

Ella is ready to help

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