Getting to know us before you buy.

Caring for the earth, caring for people.


The Aldinga Arts Eco Village is a self-governed community under the Community Titles Act. Our houses are owned free-hold and we don’t vet who comes in here, but please do your homework to know if this is the right place for you.  If it is, you will be welcomed into village life.


We have a series of by-laws that govern our development including housing energy efficiency standards and pet ownership which you should get to know.


Our common land areas including a farm, and services such as streetlighting, roads, and a wastewater treatment plant are owned and maintained by us, not Council.  The only service the council provides directly to us is to pick up our rubbish and recycling bins from a central location as well as providing a central hard waste collection twice a year.


Our levies pay for the most minimum of services and are paid quarterly based on the size of our your lot.   We rely on community involvement for much of the development and maintenance of our social and physical infrastructure.  Without this we wouldn’t exist.


We have access to mains water but encourage the maximum use of rainwater.  We don’t individually pay SA Water sewer or mains charges, but if you do use mains water you will be paying the maximum SA Water rate per kilolitre.


The Village has over 1000 fruit and nut trees that are the backbone of our permaculture ethos and are managed collectively.  Our landscape is both edible and native.  The eco in our name is important to us.


If after reading our by-laws, you would like to get in touch with someone who lives here to understand the eco village better, please contact Penny between 10am and 4pm on 0413 083 337

Village By-laws


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  1. Wayne says:

    I am interested in buying or building a House in the village. Thanks. Wayne Phillips

  2. BeaMolanusWinkel says:

    Did you get any response Wayne.

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