a little bit about Orchard Walk

We’re still getting lots of enquiries about Orchard Walk but all properties are now sold. I keep a database of anyone interested in purchasing or renting at the Village.

  • there are 11 properties, six of them are two storey.
  • average price of the homes is $330,000 – the single storey two bedroom homes are, on average, less than $300,000.
  • All properties will have at least 2KW solar panels and 22,000L rainwater tanks
  • we trialed several concepts and got feedback from AAEV, Council and future residents before settling on the concept that is being constructed. Hugues Vilette-Torillec, a Villager, was the initial designer of the homes and the overall concept though some changes have been made.
  • we’re using sustainable building materials – ecopanel, ecogroove and hebel.
  • the properties and the site are accessible. This means properties are suitable for people with mobility issues and good for people with babies in prams and people who want to age in-place.
  • we have a development contract with AAEV. A sealed road will be constructed soon.
  • the new street – Orchard Walk – is designed to be aligned with Lomandra Walk and the hub. You can now see how the roads align on maps sa.
  • We’ve paid particular attention to the walkability of the site and made links between the cottages and the rest of the Village via paths and community gardens.
  • Orchard Walk is part of NG3
  • landscaping is proposed at the entrance, north, west and throughout the site.
  • We’ve used the streetscape north of Tetragonia as inspiration.
  • new Villagers should start moving into the first few homes before christmas 2016. Many will be at the AGM.
  • LNB has a facebook page, a newsletter and website that we use to keep people up to date but if you want specific information, please give me a call.

Cheers Tricia (0402197116) and Rick

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