Building at AAEV – the process

When you build, or add on to, or renovate the exterior of an existing building at AAEV, you first need permission from the Building Development Committee (BDC) whose job is to ensure compliance with the by-laws and consensus for your plan with surrounding neighbours. BDC also takes an advisory role in helping with the efficiency of your design in terms of materials, energy, water, and the use of space on your lot.

Before approaching Council with a development plan for a new dwelling, external renovation, or major out-building, the BDC will approve your design concept and provide a letter of approval for your files plus a letter of support to submit to Council with your Development Application.

Once your Development Application has been approved by Council and you have had detailed building plans prepared, these plans must also be submitted first to the BDC for building approval. Once this approval is given, you will receive a second approval letter for your files plus a letter of support to submit to Council with your Building Application.

To begin the process of consulting with the BDC on your initial concept, contact the BDC Coordinator (Dix Molanus 0408 178 584) or Secretary (Elizabeth Heij 0422 394 834) for the date and time of the next BDC meeting. You will need to submit your concept plan electronically, together with the attached Application Form, at least a week before the meeting to allow time for circulation to BDC members. (Note: If you cannot answer all questions on the form at this early stage, leave spaces blank for completion as your building plan develops.)


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